A Letter of Introduction

It is with great excitement and energy that I am joining Seattle Medical Associates. I have been a practicing internist for almost 10 years working both as a hospitalist and more recently, in the outpatient setting. I have a passion for providing a truly patient-centered experience, and it is such an honor to be part of this venerable practice that has set the standard in delivering thoughtful, thorough, and compassionate care for over 20 years.

I am looking forward to offering high quality care to patients at SMA - including easy access to me and abundant time that I can devote to patients’ medical needs. The relaxed and unhurried environment will allow ample time for a comprehensive discussion of patients’ concerns, to answer questions, and clarify the plan of care moving forward. SMA offers an attentive, engaged, proactive, and friendly team that knows its patients personally and is dedicated to superb service, a true “medical home.”

More details may be found under "Services" and “Patient Resources,” but SMA does not bill insurance for any care it provides. Rather, SMA simply charges an annual fee for my availability for primary care services that include annual physical exams, acute care visits, follow-up visits for chronic disease management, labs processed onsite, x-rays, EKGs and in-office spirometry, along with many vaccinations. Patients can expect same-day availability for urgent needs. I will also personally coordinate all specialty care, including emergency care and hospitalization. At SMA, patients will be able to reach me easily by phone and e-mail; all medical needs will be addressed promptly.

I look forward to helping everyone achieve his or her ideal wellness and health. 


Milah Frownfelter, MD