When you join Seattle Medical Associates we promise:

  • Doctors who will serve as your advisor and advocate when you are ill, hospitalized or have an emergency.

  • Physicians who will always be available for emergency calls.

  • State-of-the-art electronic medical records.

  • Trained, intelligent office staff who know you personally.

  • Medical decisions made by you and your doctor, not your insurance company, your employer or your “gatekeeper”.

  • Fewer delays and waits. Emergencies arise and medicine is unpredictable, but your time is valuable. When we schedule an appointment, you will be seen within 15 minutes of your appointed time.

  • An unhurried atmosphere in which you and your physician have time to talk and plan your care.

  • Rapid responses. Call us with an urgent medical problem and you will be seen promptly. When you need medicine, you can expect us to call in your prescription the same day.

  • Forms for disability, school physicals, letters or other needs will be faxed or mailed within 48 hours.

  • No excuses. Just the attention and service you want from very experienced professionals.

  • Complete confidentiality of medical records and communications.

SMA has come up with an innovative approach to practice in which their patient load is set at a comfortable level, enabling us to get fast access and for us and our physician to have the time we need to deal with our health problems. SMA provides outstanding medical attention and timely, affordable care for my wife and me.
— William W.