Welcome to Seattle Medical Associates

Founded in 1981 on the Swedish Medical Center Campus, Seattle Medical Associates (SMA) is a partnership of board-certified specialists in Internal Medicine that provides medical care for adults in both outpatient and hospital settings.

In 1997, SMA was redesigned as one of the very first ‘direct care’ practices in the United States. This innovative form of health care delivery creates a more direct relationship between patients and physicians, using insurance only for care obtained outside of our office.

In 2008, SMA led the successful efforts to codify the ‘direct care’ model of health care delivery into law in Washington state. At SMA, medical decisions are based upon your health needs, not the needs of the healthcare industry. Our sole purpose is to provide our patients the care and service they deserve.

It is important to have a doctor with enough time to listen to our health problems without making the patient feel rushed.
— John D.